The Philippines in the Mango GVC

The Philippines in the Mango GVC
Listing Type: Research Reports

Karina Fernandez-Stark | Vivian Couto | Gary Gereffi

This report uses the Global Value Chain (GVC) framework to examine the role of the Philippines in the global mango industry and identify opportunities for the country to upgrade. The globalization of mango production and consumption is a relatively new phenomenon that is experiencing rapid growth, although the export market is quite concentrated and dominated by developing countries located in the Tropics. The Philippines holds a relatively significant position in the mango GVC, and in 2015, the country ranked seventh amongst exporters of fresh and dried mango, with US$91 million in exports and a 4% share of the global market. However, despite climatic advantages, fresh mango exports have declined considerably in recent years due to failure to meet strict SPS requirements in key markets.

Geography: Asia | Philippines
Client: USAID