Nanotechnology, Commercialization & Innovation: North Carolina

Nanotechnology, Commercialization & Innovation: North Carolina
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Gary Gereffi | Stacey Frederick

'This AAAS meeting emphasized the power of science, technology and education to assist less-developed segments of world society, to improve partnerships among already-developed countries, and to spur knowledge-driven transformations across a host of fields. Gary Gereffi joined colleagues from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Venice International University in a symposium on Sunday, February 17, entitled, “Global Diffusion of Nanotechnology: Lessons from China, Italy and the United States.” View panel:{581B5131-12E5-487A-88B6-78ACCE1FF20A}&AKey={82DF1193-261B-4248-AC6B-CACD0186BD6B}&SessionKey={EB44F00D-D874-425B-BF78-579AAF4090CF}

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