Interview on the Snarling of Global Supply Chains

The Asia Expert Forum interviewed Dr. Frederick regarding current issues surrounding global supply chains.

GVC Modules and Applications

Stacey Frederick gave a presentation on “GVC Modules and Applications” at the Seminar on Accounting for Global Value Chains in Luxembourg on June 7, 2017. The meeting was organized by the United Nations Expert Group on International Trade and Economic Globalization Statistics (ITEGS).

Global Value Chains and Development

As part of the Center’s collaboration with the National Analytical Center (NAC), an affiliate of Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, Professor Gary Gereffi presented an overview of global value chain and development. The presentation included a section dedicated to value chains and economic diversification in Kazakhstan.

Global Value Chains and Development: Concepts and Methodologies

Gary Gereffi’s presentation focuses on the origins of the Global Value Chain (GVC) framework. It clarifies key GVC concepts and methods, including value chain mapping, value chain governance and value chain upgrading. The presentation concludes by examining the medical devices GVC in Costa Rica to show the GVC of a small country in high tech. Gereffi presented this overview at the World Bank Group, Trade & Competitiveness GVC workshop on technical tools and operations in Washington, DC.

From Value Chain Mapping to Policy Recommendations

This presentation highlights the GVC experiences of different countries, including China vs. Mexico and the offshore services GVC of countries like Chile and Costa Rica. It also shows how Mexico links regional value chains, clusters and policies; and some of the development strategy challenges facing emerging economies. This overview was presented at the World Bank Group, Trade & Competitiveness GVC workshop on technical tools and operations in Washington, DC.

Global Value Chains and the Changing Geography of Development

The presentation covers four main areas: the new global economy; the definition of a Global Value Chain (GVC); GVC competition between China and Mexico; and GVCs and emerging economies. Padova, Italy on April 13, 2016.

Productive Development Policies and Upgrading: Linking Value Chains, Regions and Firms

Gereffi presented at this one-day event, organized by Techint Group, intended to raise strategic and policy awareness on international economic development issues, with a value chains lens.

Duke Social Science Research Institute (SSRI): An Overview

Mike Hensen, gave this presentation at the Regional Competitiveness and Growth Center (RCGC) launch event in Astana, Kazakhstan.

North Carolina in the Global Economy

Lukas Brun gave a presentation on the NC in the Global Economy website at the World View Community College Symposium, held at the UNC Friday Center on November 12, 2014.

Brun gave a presentation on October 20, 2015 at the Manufacturing Conference (mfgCON), which brought together industry, education, and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities of manufacturing in North Carolina. The presentation highlighted the Center’s sponsored research around the globe to address development issues, the North Carolina in the Global Economy website applying the analytic framework to major NC industries, and highlighted the furniture industry to provide an example of the type of analysis available on the website. The event was at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.

New NC in the Global Economy (NCGE) Features

Stacey Frederick gave this presentation at Duke. It provides an overview of the new features on the 2014 version of the NC in the Global Economy website.