The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris co-sponsored several conferences and workshops on global value chains that involve Duke GVC Center researchers, as well as commissioning a number of research reports. To date, this research has focused primarily on improving the participation of developing countries in regional and global value chains, through skills upgrading, a sector-specific approach to improving local institutional framework for competitiveness as well as how to structure policies to optimise value capture in Africa.

Capturing the Gains in Africa: Making the Most of Global Value Chain Participation

This report was commissioned as a background paper for the annual OECD publication, “Africa Economic Outlook (AEO)” 2014. It provides a critical overview of the Capturing the Gains (CTG) research findings from Africa across three industries: horticulture, apparel and tourism. Specific emphasis is placed on identifying opportunities and challenges for economic and social upgrading within African GVCs so that workers and small producers can capture a fairer share of the gains from trade and economic growth. The report also offers sector specific GVC policy recommendations for African policy makers.

Connecting Local Producers in Developing Countries to Regional and Global Value Chains

This report, commissioned by the Trade and Agriculture Directorate of the OECD, analyzes the specific factors that affect the competitiveness of developing countries in regional and global value chains (GVCs), and how these factors differ across four major economic sectors: agriculture, extractive industries, manufacturing and offshore services. The analysis highlights that in order to participate gainfully in GVCs, developing countries must adopt industry-specific policy frameworks that reflect the changing reality of global business. Keywords: global and regional value chains, developing countries, competitiveness, productive capacity, inclusive growth, trade integration

Upgrading in Global Value Chains: Addressing the Skills Challenge in Developing Countries

This report was commissioned by OECD as a background paper for the annual OECD publication, “Perspectives of Development” 2013. This report examines the role of workforce development using the GVC methodology in four industries: apparel, fruit and vegetables, offshore services and tourism in 19 developing countries. The report presents a typology for policy recommendations to enhance the capabilities of the labor force to support GVC upgrading.