National Science Foundation (NSF)

Nanotechnology in Society: An Overview

This California Research Bureau Short Subject (February 2015 S-15-002) provides an introduction to nanotechnology, its potential risks and applications, and current regulation in the United States and California. “Nano” refers to particles and effects scaled at billionths of a meter. Emerging applications hold great promise in many areas, including new ways to treat cancer.

Twelve Years of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Publications in Mexico

This article in the Journal of Nanoparticle Research reviews information from the Web of Science relevant to articles on nanoscience and nanotechnology in Mexico over 12 years (2000 – 2012), and explains the changes in S&T policy.

Who is the Nanotechnology Economy? Obstacles and Methods of Identifying and Estimates of U.S. Nano Firms & Workers

Presentation by Stacey Frederick in November 2013 at the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) conference in Santa Barbara, CA.

Twelve Years of Nanotechnology in Mexico (2000 – 2012)

Stacey Frederick presented this research at S.NET, which covers the following topics on the nanotechnology industry in Mexico: R&D funding, centers & labs, evolution of publications by Mexican authors, and firms.

Quantifying the Nanotechnology Workforce: Methods, Barriers & Estimates

Stacey Frederick gave this presentation at the SASE Annual Meeting in Milan, Italy on June 28, 2013. It was part of an ongoing research project between the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS) at UC-Santa Barbara and Duke GVCC.

California in the Nano Economy

National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN) Newsletter, 5(8), August 29.

China’s (Not So Hidden) Developmental State: Becoming a Leading Nanotechnology Innovator in the Twenty-First Century

This paper looks at how the debate over innovation is reflected in China’s approach to national development, especially with respect to the use of nanotechnology.

California in the Nanotechnology Economy (2011)

Poster presentation for the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS) Research Summit and NSF Site Visit on May 3, 2011 in Santa Barbara, CA.

A Value Chain Research Approach to Nanotechnology: a Framework for Competition and Collaboration

Stacey Frederick gave this presentation on March 2, 2011 at UC-Santa Barbara as part of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (CNS) seminar series. The presentation discusses how the GVC framework can be used to analyze the impact of nanotechnology on industries.