Gary Gereffi – Life Science Forum 2013, Costa Rica

An excerpt of Professor Gary Gereffi’s keynote at the Life Sciences Forum 2013, featuring Isaías González, GM of Hospira Costa Rica, Jorge Perera, GM of Boston Scientific Costa Rica, and Javier Gómez, GM of St. Jude Costa Rica.; If you wish to download the full presentation, or get more information about the Forum, please visit , or the Forum’s website:; Un extracto de la presentación del Profesor Gary Gereffi en el Life Sciences Forum 2013, con la participación de Isaías González, Gerente General de Hospira Costa Rica, Jorge Perera, Gerente General de Boston Scientific Costa Rica, y Javier Gómez, Gerente General de St. Jude Costa Rica.; Si desea descargar la presentación completa, o conocer más información sobre el Forum, por favor visite…

Ghada Ahmed – IAI at Expo2015: Food Security and sustainable agriculture

Interview with Ghada Ahmed – Senior research analyst, Center on globalization, governance & competitiveness, Duke University, USA. During the conference “Linking food security to sustainable agricultural policies in the Mediterranean. Organized by IAI at Expo 2015 in Milan.

Middle East Dialogue 2015 Food Security and Water Policy

Food Security and Water Policy session at Middle East Dialogue 2015 in Washington DC., Chair: Whitney Shepard, Policy Studies Organization; Water and War in the Modern Age: the Enduring Hydro-Politics of The Nile, Justin D. Leach, Troy University; Food Security and the Wheat Value Chain in the Middle East and North Africa, A panel with Ghada Ahmed and Danny Hamrick of Duke University

Microlinks Preview Can PPP Benefit the Poor

Ajmal Abdulsamad and Gary Gereffi of Duke University’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness give a video interview previewing their presentation to Microlinks, “Can Public-Private Partnerships Actually Benefit the Poor?”

Bernard M. Hoekman interviews Gary Gereffi (Duke University)

Bernard M. Hoekman interviews Gary Gereffi (Duke University) on The Changes in Global Value Chains Governance at the Country and Firm Level . Academy of Global Governance, Executive Training Seminars – Global Value Chains: Policy Implications and Opportunities 21-23 October 2013

Manufacturing Climate Change Gary Gereffi & Marcy Lowe, CGGC

Gary Gereffi and Marcy Lowe discuss Duke CGGC’s research on economic and job opportunities associated with green technologies in this conference presentation.; Conference: Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference
Conference Organizer: Blue Green Alliance
Location: Washington, DC; Date: February 5, 2009; Presenters: Gary Gereffi, Marcy Lowe;

2012 Evidence Summit: Gary Gereffi on Trends in the Development of Value Chains

Gary Gereffi of Duke University sat down with session moderator Jeanne Downing of USAID to offer evidence on global, regional, and local trends in the development of value chains and the extent to which they are inclusive. Gereffi’s understanding of inclusive value chain development includes countries’ ability to access global value chains (often initially through exports) in such a way that local firms are able to participate and capture more activities up and down the chain. In his final point, Gereffi urges donors to think about ways to integrate smallholders into regional or global value chains.

Breakfast Seminars #72 | Gary Gereffi, Duke University

Following the USAID Breakfast Seminar on September 20, “New Trends in Value Chain Upgrading: Lessons from Large and Small Countries,” Gary Gereffi of Duke University sat down with Jeanne Downing of USAID to discuss the definition of inclusive value chain development. Learn more:

CGGC Video – Nova Scotia

Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness Song

Mike Hensen sings about Global Value Chains at the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University.