To assist governments, development organizations, foundations, and firms with development issues utilizing a global value chain (GVC) research approach.


Customized research, training and advising services shed light on issues such as:

– How countries can enter and upgrade in global value chains
– Workforce development strategies
– Environmental sustainability goals
– Inclusive development.

GVC analysis provides decision-makers with language and tools to understand globalization and economic development. This practical, real-world advice leads to better decision-making.

GVC work spans food and agriculture, energy and the environment, services, as well as multiple manufacturing industries ranging from textiles and apparel to medical devices. Much of this work was carried out by the GVC Center and its affiliated researchers. From 2007 to 2021, research covered over 50 unique industry value chains across more than 35 countries. This resulted in over 100 client-sponsored reports in addition to hundreds of presentations, numerous additional publications, and several training workshops.


The GVC framework combined with other analytical tools provide an industry-centric view of economic globalization that highlights linkages across countries and firms. The GVC framework offers analysis at the multi-country, regional and sub-national levels and can be applied across any industry.